Monday, December 8, 2008

Are Kids Different Because of Digital Media?

Yes! As teachers we have so much to compete with. Kids are techno savy and oftens times have to explain to teachers how to do something on their computers. Which in a way is great but it just goes to show that the days where teachers know everything are gone. I can remember being in high school using dial up bilboards, we had to use books and encyclopedias for research. We also had to actually do the work. Now kids can buy papers of the internet and between online encyclopedias and wikipedia they are no longer using books. When I assign a research paper I require the students to have 2 physical resources.

Today's students are also busy but not out of reach. I have myspace for National Honor Society and for my softball team so that I can easily keep in touch. A friend of mine has a myspace for her class in which she post homework assignments and keeps an up to date calendar that the students can look at.

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