Wednesday, December 3, 2008 Databases is an awesome resource for everything. I found this site to be especially helpful in the area of understanding databases and the uses I can find for them in my classroom. The main page I concentrated on was the using databases tab but this site also offers a blog and database basics tabs, as well as, learning SQL.

This website offers tons of information about databases. Since I have trouble using and understanding databases I feel this website is a simple way to understand and work my way through the complex jungle known as databases. The main database system works with is Microsoft Access. explains the purpose of databases and the many uses a person can find to use them. This site offers information for both beginners and those who have been working with Microsoft Access for sometime and need an ounce of assistance. For beginners there are a lot of useful tools including Access fundamentals and a screen by screen walk through of Microsoft Access. This site even offers a Access Reports tutorial that would be perfect for classroom use.

For the more advance Access user there are tips on how to convert Access files to ACCDB files and creating databases from scratch. One of the most important aspects of the advance tutorials is how to publish Access data to the web.

The website also describes Microsoft SQL Server databases for the enterprise-class user

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