Wednesday, March 11, 2009


So I just finished the logo assignment...EEEK! I am not a creative person by heart. I am 100% right brained! I think I followed the directions...the need to write a simpler version but I tried. I created a logo for O'Shannon's Pub & Grill...I am sure one exist somewhere but this one is in my head. I chose the 243x103 resolution and I had to upgrade my print logo for the 330 ppi which made my logo 400 something. I used the regular jpeg for my print and video and tiff for my web file. I only made one change during the review and resolve stage and that was to upgrade my print ppi.

According the assessment rubric I exceeded expectations on all but presentation and like I say that to me is due to my lack of creativity.


Sandi Willis said...

I think you did great! I am befuddled by this whole assignment. I agree about better instructions and share your EEK!!

Crystal Werkheiser said...

I really like it. I love the way you used the green swirl. You are not alone because I lack the creative gene as well. I tried so hard, but I overthink way to much. I didn't post my logo, but I will. Good idea.